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United World Wrestling operates several High-Performance training centres around the world. These centres provide training for athletes year-round and have the task of developing international wrestling talent to its full potential. In our main centres, we welcome athletes supported by Olympic Solidarity and other key Strategic Partners.

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Competent coaches are critical to the long-term growth and success of our sport. The training and education of coaches plays an important role in ensuring sustainable athlete success from grassroots to high performance.

United World Wrestling Development Department oversees all UWW training and educational courses for coaches and has been continuously increasing its investment in wrestling coaches development.

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In accordance with articles 18 and 19 of the Constitution of UWW, the Continental Councils regulations and the directives of UWW’s President, I summon the Annual Session of the General Assembly of the European Council (UWW-Europe).
Date: 9 February 2020
Place: Rome, Italy, Aula Magna Olympic Centre
Beginning: 10:00 o’clock


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1. Opening of the Annual Session of the General Assembly:
➢ Welcoming speech by the President of UWW-Europe;
➢ Welcoming speech by the President of the Italian Wrestling federation;
2. Greeting speech by the President of UWW
3. Approval of the documents and the working commissions for the Assembly:
➢ Agenda;
➢ Selection of the editors for the Protocol (in English and in French);
➢ Commission for verification of power of attorneys of the delegates, establishment of the quorum.
4. Approval of the Protocol from the General Assembly of UWW-Europe in Bucharest, Romania (April 2019).
5. Report delivered by the President of UWW-Europe on the activities of the Executive Commission during the period 2019.
6. Financial report for the realisation/ use of UWW-Europe’s budget during 2019.
7. Approval of the current tasks for the realisation of UWW-Europe’s Program for the period 2020.
8. Approval of UWW-Europe’s budget for 2020.
9. Calendar of UWW/ UWW- Europe for 2020-2023.
10. Official closure of the General Assembly.

Download  image Agenda