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On September 8, 2018 the 10th ceremony of awarding the International Sports Prize "Golden Mongoose” was held in Odesa (Ukraine).

The unique award "Golden Mongoose" was established by the Public Organization "Mongoose", by its President Mr. Magomed Magdiev in 2009 with the aim of recognizing the best athletes, raising the sport spirit in the society, popularizing sport and healthy lifestyle, reviving the best traditions of sport as the ambassador of the world. Every year the prize is held under the slogan: "Sport is the ambassador of peace". In 2012, it received international status. The prize is awarded to the best sportsmen, outstanding veterans of sports, as well as patrons, businessmen and politicians who have made a significant contribution to the development of sports and dedicated their lives to building a healthy society. A healthy nation - is a strong state.
The Council of a public organization made a decision to recognize the representatives from United World Wrestling Mr. Onder Yaksi, Protocol Director of UWW and Pedro Miguel Dos Santos Silva – President of Mediterranean Committee of Associated Wrestling Styles, member of BW Committee, President of Portugal Wrestling Federation as a laureate of the Prize and awarded the Jubilee Order of Friendship of Peoples, which is made of gold and inlaid with diamonds, for a significant contribution to the development of physical culture and sports, and to strengthen the friendship of peoples on the basis of sport. Also Olympic Champion Elbrus Tedeyev, Bureau member of UWW-Europe Ms.Dina Kharenko, Vice-President of Ukrainian Wrestling Association Oleg Krapivin, coach of Ukrainian National FS Wrestling Team Mr.Grigorii Danko were awarded by the International Sports awards “Golden Mongoose”.
The solemn part of the ceremony was held in Ukraine, Odessa, in the Odessa Academic Theater of the Musical Comedy named M. Vodyanogo, and a festive evening - in the beach and entertainment complex "Ibiza".

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