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Find all the photos the European Championships 2020 in our Photo Galleries !

From 10th of February to the 16th of February, the Senior European Championships in free style, women wrestling and greco-roman style will take place in Rome, Italy.
You could watch all the results of the championship on the dedicated website for this event in the following link: and see all videos on: Live Streaming


Competent coaches are critical to the long-term growth and success of our sport. The training and education of coaches plays an important role in ensuring sustainable athlete success from grassroots to high performance.

United World Wrestling Development Department oversees all UWW training and educational courses for coaches and has been continuously increasing its investment in wrestling coaches development.

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United World Wrestling operates several High-Performance training centres around the world. These centres provide training for athletes year-round and have the task of developing international wrestling talent to its full potential. In our main centres, we welcome athletes supported by Olympic Solidarity and other key Strategic Partners.

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