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Article 18 – Definition

Affiliated Members and Associated Members of a same continent are grouped in a Continental Council, the role and abilities of which are set forth in internal regulations issued by the Bureau and adopted by the Congress.
The Continental Councils shall promote and develop wrestling on their continent and shall ensure that the Articles of Association and the regulations issued by the Federation are respected.
The Continental Councils are auxiliary bodies of the Federation and are not entitled to become members of the Federation. They do not have any legislative power in areas governed by the Federation, including with respect to wrestling technical and regulation. The Continental Councils shall not be allowed to take any decision with respect to a National Federation.

Article 19 – Structure and competence

Each Continental Council is managed by an Executive Commission composed of seven individuals (President, Vice-President and five members), including one woman, elected by its general assembly (the “General Assembly”). They are elected for a period of four years and may be re-elected.
The headquarters and the secretariat of the Continental Council shall be located in the President's country of residence and all the necessary material and equipment must be provided by the National Federation to which the President belongs.
The General Assembly meets every year during the Continental Championships. The rules applicable to the Congress shall be applicable to the General Assembly. In the absence of any calling of a General Assembly, the Bureau shall convene such General Assembly.
The agenda and the invitations to the General Assembly are prepared by the Continental Council and must be preapproved by the President. The call for candidates to the Continental Council is handled by the Federation Secretariat who will validate and transmit the valid applications to the President of the Continental Council.
The General Assembly during which elections shall be held must take place every four years after the Olympic Games.

Articles of Association approved by the Congress on 7th September 2014

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